Bybi Beauty

A review from Thingtesting

From blog to book deal to skincare brand 💋

I was pretty pissed when Glossier Play launched a few weeks ago. Everyone in beauty knows that Glossier has never really taken sustainability seriously, but the non-biodegradable glitter was too much for me. Come. On. It’s 2019 and festivals around the world have banned the use of non-biodegradable glitter. What’s next? Microbeads? *end of glitter rant* (but check out the excellent @esteelaundry for more).

A friend of mine messaged me last year saying “try Bybi! it’s like a natural version of Glossier”.

I’m happy she did because Bybi has worked super well for me: a) the products are great, last forever and my skin is happy, and b) their core values match mine; I especially like the packaging (sugarcane-derived bioplastic, glass bottles, and carbon neutral delivery). Bybi’s flagship is the Babe Balm - a millennial version of the iconic Eight Hour cream. My favourite was the serum.

From blog to book deal to skincare brand 💋

In 2015, founders Dominika and Elsie were experimenting in their kitchen with DIY skincare, cooking up face masks & body scrubs.

They published their recipes on their blog @cleanbeautyinsiders where a growing community found them (clean beauty market is estimated to double in size by 2024). They published a “beauty cookbook”, which gave them the audience and credibility to launch their own brand Bybi in August 2017.

This has practically become a beauty industry standard by now; audience first, product second.

But going from “avid fan” to almost unfollowing Glossier on Instagram in just a day really made me think about how fragile our relationship with brands are. Especially in beauty where long-term brand loyalty is not only threatened by relentless competition, but the whole industry is built on this “eternal journey of exploration” - of testing, trying and swatching the latest. I really do wonder how long brands in this space can stay relevant.

And here’s a few other brands doing interesting things in the natural beauty space for people looking to explore more: Tata Harper, Drunk Elephant, Herbivore, Evolve, Circumference, Necessaire.

“The blog gave our business an air of transparency and made us relatable” - Elsie Rutterford, co-founder of Bybi Beauty“

Quick Stats

From: From London 🇬🇧

Ships: Globally 🌍

Funding: Round led by a London based VC and a group of angels (n/a)

I tried: a “Bybi Bundle” with Swipe Clean (£26), Mega Mist (£26) and Supercharge Serum (£32), but bundling and buying directly from Bybi online came down with a 21% discount and total price of £66.36

- The name Bybi stands for “By Beauty Insiders”.