What is Thingtesting?

Thingtesting started as a side-project, but it’s mission has always been the same; to discover and learn more about young emerging brands.

When I moved to London a year and a half ago, I had a list of products that I couldn’t wait to try. My colleagues and friends endured me raving about my latest thoughts on new products for months. I slowly became more interested not only in how these products worked, but also how these companies were built and the stories behind them. I applied the thinking from my daytime job at Backed VC where I worked with companies at a similar stage. After a while, I realised that I couldn’t keep bothering my friends with more “youshouldcheckthisout” and needed a channel to do so. I bought some foam board in an art shop, and started publishing my thoughts on Instagram.

I’m still learning, but I’ve realised that there is a new internet-born generation of brands emerging, and they grow in a different way than their predecessors. Most often they cut out middlemen, and have direct relationships to their customers, and skillfully master multiple art forms; retail, brand and content. It used to take millions of dollars and several years to launch a brand. Today it can take little to no resources and just a few weeks. With online services now supporting a whole new consumer economy, never have as many brands been launched - but it’s hard to know which Instagram ad or influencer-promoted product to trust. How we discover and shop new brands is right now being turned on its head, and I could not be more excited about it.

In the year that followed after the first product review, the Thingtesting account grew to 25k+ curious followers. Today, I’m hoping to be a corner of the internet where we can come and explore young and emerging brands together.

👋 I’m Jenny

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How do you select brands for Thingtesting?
The brands we write about have a differentiated product, or an interesting story and background to share. From a product perspective that could be for example a new material, channel, technology or even better - something totally crazy cool and new! From a story perspective, the company’s team, origin story and positioning to their competition stand out. Everyone loves a good story.

What is the process to be reviewed?
We get hundreds of product recommendations each month, and every month we test about 20 products. We publish reviews of our favourite products on Thingtesting’s Instagram account, about 2 per week. If you think your product should be reviewed by Thingtesting, you can submit your request.

Why are the reviews not more negative?
Thingtesting is about helping you find new brands that do good. We are about learning and discovering, so we don’t write negative reviews because there is enough negativity in the world already. We can however recommend some new features to the products that we’d like to see be added.

How do you take the pictures?
We use $4 foam board, an iPhone X and photoshop.

How do you make money?
We are powered by the Thingtesting Close Friends community. Brands featured are not paying Thingtesting to be reviewed.

How can I get involved?
First step is to follow @thingtesting on Instagram. If you want more Thingtesting in your life, let’s say you want to see what other brands we are testing or get access to discount codes, you can join Thingtesting Close Friends here.

More questions? DM @thingtesting or email jenny@thingtesting.com